In 2016, we as businesses and individuals have experienced the swift rise of the Digital Age, and subsequently witness the advent of modern technology’s integration into our every-day professional and personal lives. As technology progresses and our abilities grow, the abilities of those with malicious intent do just as well. In light of the very real and constant threat of companies and personnel losing vital information (accidentally or intentionally) that can result in the loss of millions of dollars, the implementation of layered security from the enterprise to the enclosure level has become pivotal.



Security Enclosures All Levels, or SEAL™, is a robustly designed product family that address various security requirements—sealed tightly to prevent intrusion while accommodating airflow, power, and cable flexibility. The structural integrity of SEAL products, when integrated with sophisticated components, can create the ultimate protective barrier against harm. Manufactured in the United States, we use a continuous, single-source process that ensures consistency and high quality. This vertical integration allows engineering and manufacturing groups to work together to create custom products while providing fast turnaround. Providing to Government, Healthcare, Education, Industrial, Finance, Retail, and a large array of other market segments, we will work closely with you to engineer and customize the products and technology you need for your secure enclosures.

The simpler the products, the simpler the breach, so for the sake of strength and security, we want to help you SEAL™ your information from harm.


family solutions

access control

In the past, the enclosure was simply a place in which to store equipment. With
the increased cost of equipment and the exponential increase in the value of
data, the enclosure must often be the final layer of security protecting
critical infrastructure. Through its SEAL product line, Great Lakes can offer engineer technology solutions that provide:

  • Audit trail reports

  • A centralized software platform monitors in real time, create reports, and manages users and equipment

  • Assistance in maintaining physical security compliance with industry regulations, including: PCI DSS, HIPAA, FISMA, and FIPS

  • Mobile authentication options so administrators can grant access to cabinets via tablet or cell phone

  • Proprietary protocol to ensure secure communication

  • Ability to be integrate with individual communication nodes or a bus system to allow scalability from one to thousands of entry points

Entry options include:

  • Electromechanical handles with biometrics, card, or multi-factor authentication

  • End of row devices that can unlock multiple enclosures

  • Handles with RFID readers that can tie directly into an existing security system

  • Stand-alone handles that locally store RFID and pin numbers and are not centrally managed

  • Mechanical handles including pin, hasp lock, or non-standard key

seamless enclosures


  • Serial numbers provided with each enclosure that can be paired with barcodes to enable DCIM and tracking of the enclosure and its equipment

  • Different color front and back doors to signify multi-level security for an individual enclosure

  • Colored plates that attach to the door and are easily swappable provide an alternative to signifying multi-level security

  • Selection of custom colors for side panels, overhead and internal troughs, plus many more

  • Retrofitted doors for other enclosure manufacturers to complete a consistent security platform


  • A figurative extension of the enclosure to secure, isolate, segregate and reduce visibility within a data center or specific area and prevent accessibility

  • Deters the theft of data, equipment, and the occurrence of unexpected down-time

  • Provides a 360 degree layer of protection that can be secured from floor to ceiling without restricting airflow

  • FIPS Level 2 compliant panels partially obstruct eyesight and FIPS Level 4 compliant solid panels that completely prevent visibility

  • Secure Gordon Grid options to prevent access from the drop ceiling