Power inside the enclosure has grown from a simple strip, to the hub of communication for contents and environmental communication inside the enclosure.  Great Lakes partners with major manufacturers of Power Distribution Units (PDUs) to bring the most complete solutions to our customers.

Functionality of power products can include the following:

  • Basic Power Strip

  • PDU Metered

  • PDU Metered and Outlet Switched

  • Outlet Metered

  • Outlet Metered and Outlet Switched

Form factors are either vertical or horizontal for all functionalities

There are a variety of input plugs ranging in current, phase, and voltage with the most common options including:

  • L6-30

  • L21-30

  • IEC C20

  • IEC Splashproof / Watertight

  • California Style

Each PDU can vary in output receptacles, with a number of different combinations of quantities, some even capable of being changed in the field:

  • 5-20R

  • IEC C13

  • IEC C19

Every intelligent PDU has a monitoring device that allows the PDU to be connected to the network. Not only does this allow for remote monitoring or management of the PDU from anywhere on the network, but the same device can often times be used for serial port communication, sensors, displays, and ports used to daisy chain multiple PDUs together. Building Automation Systems (BAS) and Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solutions utilize a variety of sensors that tie into these PDUs. Temperature, humidity and dew point sensors are often integrated directly into the enclosure. Other sensors often incorporated into the system include door contact, smoke alarms/detectors, VDCM, flood, current transducer, leak detection, and power failure. There are even wireless sensors that can communicate back to a central wireless gateway, pre-installed and ready for configuration upon delivery.

bas and dcim solutions

As part of Great Lakes’ integration services, Great Lakes is able to install components of Building Automation Systems (BAS) and Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)* solutions. Customers can have components dropped shipped to Great Lakes, or items can be directly sourced by Great Lakes.

Enclosures integrated with BAS/DCIM components can include the following:


  • Sensors can be installed in multiple locations on the front and/or rear doors to measure temperature and pressure differentials within the enclosure

  • Commonly used to measure temperature, humidity, and pressure

  • Additional sensors to monitor dew point, water detection, etc.

  • The majority of PDUs accept a limited number of sensors, typically 2 or 3; expansion bays can be installed to increase the amount of monitoring in an enclosure

asset managers

  • Installed in the front of the enclosure, typically along the inside frame or front rail

  • Inventories equipment installed in each RMU of the enclosure

  • Advanced options include ability to monitor power usage of each piece of equipment

power distribution units (pdus)

  • PDUs compatible with sensor monitoring

  • Advanced options include receptacle level management

  • Enclosures able to accept major PDU manufacturers

  • A variety of mounting options including standard PSBKES brackets, angled PDU brackets, and brackets that install on the rear of mounting rails; brackets are designed to make access to PDU receptacles and displays easier

*Please note that Great Lakes does not assist with software/hardware installation and maintenance.