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Future Facilities, one of the data center industry's leading experts in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software recently released 7.1, the latest version of its 6SigmaDC software designed to provide designers with "real world" images and tools specifically developed to support the efficient design and effective management of data centers.

Images designed for Future Facilities' 6SigmaDC are created to replicate the image and performance of a wide variety of equipment within a virtual data center, with realistic accuracy.

The comprehensive toolset and image library associated with the software allows the user to build and test an entire Virtual Facility (VF) – the holistic 3D mathematical representation of a datacenter at any point in time – past, present and future. The user can access a wide variety of elements from the software library to design and plan equipment configuration at the room level, the cabinet level and for equipment suppliers, the software can assist with detailed design within the equipment itself.

Great Lakes Case and Cabinet has been working with Future Facilities to add a number of our enclosure platforms to the library designed to support the 6SigmaDC software. In advance of Future Facilities formal announcement in mid-January, we are pleased to be able to share with you the fact that version 7.1 of 6SigmaDC will include Great Lakes E Series enclosures, ES Server enclosures, and our Enhanced Networking (EN) enclosures. The inclusion of Great Lakes products marks the first comprehensive 5 Star catalog of cabinets within this virtual facility CFD software platform.

To learn more about Future Facilities and the release of 6SigmaDC software, version 7.1, please click here:

Example of Great Lakes equipment symbols in the Future Facilities library: (EN) Enclosure
with a side airflow switch and baffles

Great Lakes provides CFD modeling and analysis using Future Facilities software. By creating a unique CFD model, Great lakes can help address:
  • Capacity Planning
  • Hot-spots
  • Data Center efficiency
  • Floor tile layouts
  • Test containment solutions
  • Evaluate room eficiency
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